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Concatenate Range lets you join ranges of cells in Excel.

How To Install

  1. To install Concatenate Range, first download the free trial.
  2. As with all downloaded files, ensure the file is unblocked: right-click ConcatenateRangeSetup.msi, select Properties, and if you see an Unblock checkbox, check Unblock, then OK:

3. Double-click the ConcatenateRangeSetup.msi file. Click Next:

  1. If you agree, check I accept the terms of the License Agreement, then click Next:
  1. If desired, click Change… to change the install folder. Click Next:
  1. Click Install:
  1. Click Finish:

That’s it!

How To Use

  1. Open your Excel workbook.
  2. In your desired cell, type the following formula:

=CONCATENATERANGE(delimiterignore_emptyuse_formatsrange1[range2], …)

Note: Excel may not show this formula or its arguments. However, if you type it, it will work correctly.

The arguments of the formula are as follows:

A text string that will separate the concatenated items. For example, a comma (,).

If TRUE (the default), empty cells are ignored.

If TRUE, the result will be formatted (e.g. a currency value of “1” will display as $1.00, etc).
If FALSE (the default), no formatting is applied.

Cell range to be joined (e.g. A1:B2).

[range2, …]:
Additional cell ranges to be joined (e.g. D3), if desired. 

EXAMPLE #1 – Concatenating ranges of cells with formatting

If we have two cell ranges, A1:B2 and D3, as follows:

we can concatenate these values, separated by commas, and format their display, as follows:

EXAMPLE #2 – Concatenating ranges of cells without formatting

To concatenate the values from EXAMPLE #1 without formatting, we change the formula as follows:

That’s it!

How To Adjust Security

If you have our software installed but it is not working as expected, your Office security settings may need to be configured:

  1.  Open Microsoft Excel, then click the Office button, then click Options (your version may differ):
  1. In the left pane, select Trust Center, then click Trust Center Settings…:
  1. In the left pane, select Add-ins. Uncheck Disable all Application Add-ins. It is recommended to also uncheck Require Application Add-ins to be signed by Trusted Publisher, otherwise you will be prompted to enable the Concatenate Range add-in:
  1. Close and re-open Office.
  2. If prompted to enable two Concatenate Range add-ins, click Enable this add-in…, then click OK:

That’s it!

If you still experience issues, you may need to uninstall then re-install Concatenate Range, or contact us.

How To Uninstall

To remove Concatenate Range from your computer:

  1.  In Windows, go to Add or remove programs:
  1. Scroll and select ConcatenateRange, then click Uninstall:

That’s it!

Having trouble? Try our FAQ Support section or contact us!