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New Version of CodeLiner!

The newest version of CodeLiner has improved stability, and supports 64-bit Excel and Word! CodeLiner shows line numbers in your VBA macros. Why are line numbers so important? Well, did you ever notice that the Erl function always returns 0 in your Office code? That’s because Erl requires line numbers in order to work properly. … Continue reading New Version of CodeLiner!

Lines Numbers in Office Macros

This is an article to demonstrate how to show line numbers in your Office macros. Why would you want to show line numbers in your Office VBA code? Most importantly, line numbers help in debugging your code. By default, it’s pretty difficult to find the location of an error in an Office macro because Office … Continue reading Lines Numbers in Office Macros

Joining Cells in Excel

This article discusses options when trying to join together cell values in Excel. Many times in Excel you may want to combine several cells into one cell. For example, if your sheet has dates scattered across different cells, you may want to bring them all together into one comma-delimited list of dates. Excel has several … Continue reading Joining Cells in Excel

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