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We’ve collected some of the most common issues people have experienced when trying to install or use Concatenate Range. We hope our answers help you out!

How do I add Concatenate Range to my Excel?

To install Concatenate Range, you can follow the steps on our Instructions page.

How do I use Concatenate Range?

To use Concatenate Range, you can follow the steps on our Instructions page.

I don’t see the CONCATENATERANGE formula!

It is normal to not see the CONCATENATERANGE formula, because it is a custom formula. However, if you type the formula, it will work perfectly fine.

  The CONCATENATERANGE formula gives me #NAME?
  • Concatenate Range is not (fully) installed – follow the steps in our Instructions page to install Concatenate Range.
  • Excel has not loaded The Concatenate Range add-in – to fix, open Excel, select the File menu (or Office button), click OptionsAdd-ins, then select COM Add-ins from the dropdown, then click Go.., ensure twCONCATENATERANGE is checked, then click OK. Then select Excel Add-ins from the dropdown (if available), then click Go.., If CONCATENATERANGE is in the list, ensure it is checked, then click OK. Restart Excel.

When I try to install Concatenate Range, I get this error: “Setup cannot continue because some system files are out of date on your system. Click OK if you would like setup to update these files for you now. You will need to restart Windows before you can run setup again. Click cancel to exit setup without updating system files.”

Run Windows Update to ensure you have .NET Framework 1.1 or higher.

The CONCATENATERANGE formula gives me #VALUE!

You are trying to pass a bad argument to the CONCATENATERANGE formula – to fix, follow the instructions on how to use Concatenate Range.

I get an invalid/expired license message, but I am still in the free trial period (or have purchased Concatenate Range)!
  • Your Windows user security is too restrictive on your PC – Concatenate Range was tested using default Windows security. Contact us for more information.
  • Your Windows user is not the user who installed the trial version. The trial version only works for the user who installed the trial version.

Nothing happens when I try to use the CONCATENATERANGE formula!

Your security may be too restrictive – to fix, go to the Instructions page and follow the steps to configure security.

I am having other issues. I can’t get this to work!

Feel free to e-mail Tumbling Wave Support. If you received an Error Code (e.g. Error Code: V9.9-E9999-L99), please include the Error Code in the e-mail.

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