Version 6.0 of CodeLiner

The newest version of CodeLiner has an option to customize your starting line number!

CodeLiner shows line numbers in your VBA macros.

Why are line numbers so important? Well, did you ever notice that the Erl function always returns 0 in your Office code? That’s because Erl requires line numbers in order to work properly. Once you have line numbers, you can use Erl to automatically show the exact location of your error, making debugging a lot easier.

Go to the Tumbling Wave Software product page for a free trial download, and improve your code with line numbers!

New Version of Concatenate Range

Version 2.0 of Concatenate Range is released now, and it includes support for 64-bit Excel!

Concatenate Range allows you to join together ranges of cells in Excel.

The included formula, CONCATENATERANGE, is a better alternative to the TEXTJOIN and CONCAT formulas, because:

  • you can format the results.
  • you can use it in older versions of Excel, like Excel 2007.

Go to the Tumbling Wave Software product page for a free trial download!

Certified by AppVisor and ASP

AppVisor and the Association of Software Professionals (ASP) are two groups synonymous with trusted downloads of third-party vendor software.

As a vendor working with these two groups, Tumbling Wave Software is pleased to announce that its latest product, VBA Line Numbers with CodeLiner, has been fully certified by AppVisor and ASP!

For a free trial of VBA Line Numbers with CodeLiner, go to the Tumbling Wave Software product page, or check out other products offered by Tumbling Wave Software!