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How to join cells with formatting

The best way way to join cell ranges in Excel is to use the CONCATENATERANGE formula. It gives you the option to format the results, and works with ALL versions of Excel. It is a better alternative to other formulas like TEXTJOIN, CONCAT and CONCATENATE. Here is a demo of the CONCATENATERANGE formula.

Enhance Code Readability

When code line numbers have been added to an Excel/Word VBA Project, the error-handling ability for the Project has been improved, but it’s sure hard to look at when you want to review/resume coding in the VBA Editor!

Use VBA Line Numbers with CodeLiner to remove code line numbers, which will enhance the readability of the code until you are ready to put the Project back into production.

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Using The Erl () Function

When an Excel (or Word) VBA error occurs, the built-in Erl function is supposed to tell you the exact line where the error occurred, but it only works if you’ve added code line numbers to your VBA Project.

Use the VBA Line Numbers with CodeLiner toolbar to add the code line numbers. This will allow you to use the Erl function to identify the exact location of your error.

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