Concatenate Range: Security Settings (Office 2007-2016)

Follow these steps to allow Concatenate Range to operate properly:

1. Before installing Concatenate Range, ensure the file is not being blocked by Windows: right-click the file, select Properties. If you see an Unblock button, click the Unblock button, then click OK:

2. Open Microsoft Excel, click the File menu or Office Button image004, then click Options:

3. In the left pane, select Trust Center, then click Trust Center Settings…:

4. In the left pane, select Add-ins. Uncheck Disable all Application Add-ins. It is recommended to also uncheck Require Application Add-ins to be signed by Trusted Publisher, otherwise you will be prompted to enable the Concatenate Range add-in:

5. Close and re-open Office.

6. If prompted to enable two Concatenate Range add-ins, click Enable this add-in…, then click OK:

That’s it!

If you still experience issues, you may need to uninstall then re-install Concatenate Range. or contact us.